Costa Sol Rafting was founded in 1992 as part of Costa Sol International, one of the best known eco-tour services in Costa Rica.

No matter what time of year, Costa Rica's mountains and ideal climate blend beautifully to provide one of the world's most enjoyable whitewater rafting regions.

You'll relish our outstanding river runs like the invigorating Reventazón with its Class II to Class IV rapids. There is also the Pacuare, famous for its picturesque landscape and exotic flora and fauna like two-toed sloths, toucans, exquisite butterflies, myriads of vividly colored birds, and numerous varieties of splendid orchids, all found amidst a lush tropical setting with waterfalls like the impressive Double Drop and the magnificent Two Mountain Canyon.

Costa Sol Rafting maintains the highest levels of international whitewater safety in Costa Rica. We provide professional guides trained in first aid and CPR, as well as the most technologically advanced rafting equipment. Every client is provided with a helmet, life jacket and paddle.

Also, every excursion of Class III and higher is accompanied by a safety kayaker.

Tour Locations:

  • San José (capital)

  • Turrialba (city)

  • Reventazón (river)

  • Pacuare (river)

Tours available:

Costa Sol | Reventazón | Pacuare | 2 days/1 night


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